Open Times Outdoor Advertising - giant LED screen

Outdoor video LED advertising in Alba Iulia

Choose giant video LED screen advertising because:

  • it is brighter than an usual advertising panel and it is visible from a longer distance even in sunny days.
  • it's drawing attention by displaying video files, TV shots, 3D animation and attractive visual effects texts.
  • it's interactive and professional, combining sound and dynamic images, it is a complete communication channel.
  • the creation process relies on computer, offering unlimited creativity.
  • it's a high quality innovative technology, able to show your clients that your products/services are their best choice.
  • You are present downtown Alba Iulia and your advertising message is adapted to the city context.

Why us?

  • We have the best location in Alba Iulia, in the most active intersection in the city center, on E81 - DN1.
  • Because we have 12 square meters of technology, animation, color and sound for displaying your image.
  • Because we know and we can set you forth better.

"To stop advertising in order to save money is the same as if stopping the clock to save time." H. Ford