Open Times Outdoor Advertising - giant LED screen

About Us


Our mission

- to sustain the growth of our clients by promoting their products and values;

- to be the flow that links our clients' requests with the needs of their clients;

- to know and to do indeed these facts.

By giving our clients the newest and brightest outdoor technology we sustain the growing and the consolidation of their position in the market.


Our corporate values

Quality, excellence, fervor, values, fair play, people, exceeding limits, client oriented, initiative, talent, independence, principles, present moment.

The need to win, as a result of investing in talent and technology, seeing the future, working in present, we will exceed our limits.

People are our driving force. Our competence is based on developing the competence of our people, on our orientation to values and resources.

Our Vision

To be the local leader in outdoor full color video screen advertising.